Kosibay Bush Lodge

Holiday at Kosi Bay

                           Tour Details


Scuba Diving at Mozambique

For the experienced or beginners. PADI dive intructors.


Snorkeling can be done at the Kosi Bay mouth, Rocktail Bay and

Blackrock, the mouth is called the Aquarium because of the

profusion of reef fish, this would be a fisherman’s haven if it were

not a protected area. Daily trips to Black rock and Racktail Bay can

be arranged with Rocktail being voted one of the 10 best dive sites

in the world. Remember to bring floating devices for those that                             can't swim and children.



Day trips to Mozambique (Ponta D'oura) are done, just for a fun day

on the beach, deep sea fishing or swimming with dolphins which is a

life time experience. Visit the original home of the R&R's!!

Fishing/ deep-sea fishing and Fly fishing

Deep-sea fishing is done in Mozambique so you need a  passport

but getting through the gate is no hassle, shore fishing and fly fishing

can be done in Mozambique or at one of the lakes at Kosi Bay;

Banganeck, Black Rock and Rocktail Bay are

Landmarks on the coast line that crawls deep into your soul and

you never forget them! Beautiful scenery, beaches and snorkeling.

Dolphin Swims

What an experience meeting these animals up close and personal,

dolphin swims are done from Ponta D'oura in Mozambique. Ponta

D’oura is home to Inshore Bottelnose Dolphins,

the endangered Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin and the

Spinner Dolphin. Highly recommended!!!

Turtle Tours (Seasonal November - March)

In the period from November to March the Loggerhead and the

Leatherback turtle nest on these shores, the business of nesting is

a long and slow affair, but truly an experience to witness. Walk

tours are done at Banga Neck in search of these amazing animals

that lay their eggs within a couple of meters where they

themselves where born.


This area being voted one of the best 10 dive sites in the world,

come and find out for yourself what the buzz is about!!! Diving

operators from Ponta D'oura in Mozambique will

take you out to the tropical reefs. 

Lake Tours

Go on a lake cruise and explore the lake systems, this being the

main attraction to Kosi Bay with its amazing stories, hippos,

crocodiles, flamingos and other wildlife.

Off Road 4x4

If you own a 4x4 it is guaranteed that you will have a bunch of fun

on the sand roads, most of the attractions around the lodge are

only accessible by 4x4


Cultural Tours, guided hikes and bird watching tours are also arranged   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

There are operators in the aria who can assist you with these excursions 

contact kosibaybushlodge@gmail.com with your requirements and

Morne +27 64 657 6884 or Gerhard +27 71 304 9094 will send you the