Kosibay Bush Lodge

Holiday at Kosi Bay

About Kosi Bay

Best known for its photogenic fish traps (Ngiba in Zulu) which look like a random pattern of needle work on the glassy fabric of the estuary, Kosi Bay was for many years inaccessible to the general public. Like any beauty though it's fame has spread and more and more visitors now come to savour the idyllic scenery for themselves.

Kosi bay is a lake system with its four lakes and the mouth. The lake system is fed by the Sihadla river and runs into the Amanzamnyama (Black Water Lake) which is pure fresh water thus home to many hippo’s and crocodiles. Amanzamnyama drains via a short broad channel into the next lake in the system, Lake Nhlange known as Third Lake, this lake, by far, is the biggest in the system being about seven kilometres long and five kilometres wide.

 There are high coastal dunes between the lake and the sea, the lowest point in these dunes is know as Banga Neck, here, one can go out looking for Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles (November to January) making there nest on these shores.

The Third lake drains via a long channel into the Second Lake, you will see many fish and birds species while travelling through slowly, this scene lets one think back to the Okavango Delta.

Once through the channel to the second lake the amazing fish traps begins, these fish traps are cleverly designed to allow the fish to swim up the main channel as the tide is coming in. Fish make their way towards the banks to feed and, on the out going tide, swim into the man made reed channels which lead them slowly into the trap itself.

Around Kosi Bay there are a lot of other attractions, Thembi Elephant Park with some of the oldest Elephants, Ndumo game reserve which is renowned for its birding, Mozambique (Ponta D'oura) where you can swim with dolphins or just a day out deep sea fishing. Black rock, Dog point and Rocktail Bay are excellent for fishing and snorkelling. Experience Scuba Diving at Sodwana Bay, different courses are available for the folks that haven't done it before.

Kosibay Bush Lodge is approximately 18km from the Mouth and beach, 8km from the lakes. It is situated directly off the old main road R22 and central from most of the surrounding attractions. Town is 4km away, on tar road, from the resort.


Kosibay Bush Lodge boasts a rustic nature and friendly atmosphere. 

We have a big swimming pool, cosy bar with DSTV and a restaurant on the lodge.